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The National Hepatitis Infoline provides confidential, free and localised viral hepatitis information and support services.

Viral hepatitis is an umbrella term for different viruses that can cause liver damage including hepatitis A, B, C and D.

The viruses cause similar symptoms. Some types make you more unwell than others. The viruses spread in different ways.

Hepatitis B and hepatitis C are the most common and burdensome blood-borne viruses in Australia. Without treatment, they can cause liver disease and liver cancer.You can find out more about the different types of viral hepatitis here.

The National Hepatitis Infoline is available to anyone, anywhere in Australia, including:

  • People living with viral hepatitis including hepatitis B and hepatitis C
  • People who have previously had viral hepatitis
  • People at risk of viral hepatitis
  • Families or friends of a person living with, or at risk of, viral hepatitis
  • Health or social service workers
  • The general public

The National Hepatitis Infoline may be staffed by community based viral hepatitis workers, peers / people with lived experience, or Nurses / Allied Health practitioners.

The National Hepatitis Infoline provides the following services to anyone in Australia:



Get accurate information about viral hepatitis. This includes information about: stopping the spread of viral hepatitis getting testing or treatment how to manage viral hepatitis or access care looking after your liver Back Next
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Peer support

Many people find it easier or helpful to talk to someone who has similar experiences to them. Peer support workers can explore concerns you might have. They can share experiences if appropriate. They can help with experiences of stigma and...
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Referral and linkage

Information, referrals and support to help you or your patient access and navigate care. Local information about options for care and who can provide it is available. Options to improve or speed up access to services can be explored. This...
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Individual advocacy

Help to understand your rights and support to get you what you want or need from your health care and other services. This includes helping you access testing, prevention, harm reduction, health care, treatment and support. Back Next
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Workforce support

Information and advice about viral hepatitis services and responses to other professionals. This can be case based (i.e., specific recommendations about services, or secondary consultation for the purposes of individualised treatment), or generalised information provision intended to improve workforce capacity...
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